Eclectic Circles is a very small business and we believe in personalized customer service.  We will do our best to design wreaths the way you want them to be.  We strive to use the best materials possible to ensure the durability of your purchase.


Our wreaths require very little maintenance.  However, it may need some initial "fluffing" on arrival.  The shipping process may compact some of the mesh and ribbons but a little tug in the right direction can bring it back to life.  If possible, display your wreath in a fairly sheltered area and not directly out in the open.  This will help the colors stay vibrant and the ornaments sparkling.  Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives on your wreath or any of the individual elements.


We will never give your personal information or email to anyone!  We believe in privacy and personal respect.  We will only contact you to collaborate on the design of your custom wreath.  We will not share your information to other sellers.  We use third-party banking to verify payment, and your purchase will appear as ECLECTICCIRCLES on your statement.

We don't like getting calls from telemarketers and understand that you don't either.


- Credit / Debit Cards